How to Change Your Wiper Blades in 5 Easy Steps

The windscreen wiper is one of the least thought about part of a car’s safety system. However, if the wipers are not working as they are supposed to it might be very difficult to see when it snows or on a rainy day. Faulty wiper blades can smear the windscreen and hence giving you visibility problems when driving and so it is important to make sure that they are always in good shape.

Changing a wiper blade may look like a daunting task especially if you have never tried it before. However, when you try it you will realize just how easy it can be, and so you will never have to visit a mechanic every time you have problems with wiper blades. To show you just how easy it is, here are the five easy steps you should follow to change your wiper blades.

Step 1: Inspect the blades

The first thing that you should always do is to check the blades. By checking the blades, you will be able to decide whether they need to be replaced or not. If the wipers smear or only clear a part of the windscreen, then the blades need to be changed. You can also check by running your fingers along the blade and if it is scared or feels notched then it needs to be changed.

Step 2: Lift and Swing

The next step is to remove the old wiper and to do this you will need to raise the wiper arm away from the windscreen. The wiper arm should be able to hold perpendicular to the windscreen, but you should be very careful with the positioning of the wiper. The wiper arm is fitted with a spring, and so it can snap back and crack your windscreen.

Step 3: Unhook the old blade

This step is easier than the others, but you should be careful to prevent the wiper arm from snapping back. At the joint where the blade meets the metal arm, you will see a small plastic stopper that holds the blade in place. When you press the stopper, the blade will unhook for you to remove it safely. However, it is important to know that some wipers might have a pin instead of a hook, and so you should watch out for this. During this step, one hand should be holding the wiper away from the vehicle’s windscreen.

Step 4: Attach new blade to connector

Unwrap the new blade and attach it to the connector. The blade should fit with ease provided it is the right size and design. Before attaching the connector to the blade, you should check to confirm that the connector is not damaged in any way. Even though the blade is new, you should also inspect it thoroughly before attaching it. Once the blade is attached to the connector, it will now be ready for the fifth and final step.

Step 5: Insert the new wiper

Slide the wiper into the same end of the wiper arm where you pulled out the old wiper. Gently push the connector into the hook until the wiper locks in place. Check with your hand to make sure that it is properly locked in place and then lay back the wiper to its original position. You can start the car and test the wipers to ascertain that they are working properly.

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